17" White and Green Nylon Linked Collar, Durable Day Collar

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This is a premade collar made with 1/4" rope with lobster clasp closure. Length is collar length, not neck measurement. Please measure length accurately as the collars are not adjustable. Measuring instructions are below.

How to measure: First measure neck with fabric measuring tape. If you don't have a measuring tape you can use string to measure your neck and then measure the string with a ruler. Second add 1-3 inches to your neck measurement for the best comfort. If you are not sure what will be comfortable I recommend adding the full 3 inches to ensure the collar is not to tight. Custom sizing will vary by 1/2 an inch either smaller or larger. Due to the nature of how the collars are made it is not always possible to get size to the exact inch.

Handcrafted out of 100% nylon rope and twine. All ropes are hand dyed and then washed with hypoallergenic detergent and fabric softener.

Care instructions:
For lasting vibrant colors, hand wash with soap in cold water and air dry only.

Collars are meant for novelty fashion between Dominant and Submissive and withstand a good amount of tugging for mature play. Items are not meant for suspension purposes. This shop is not responsible for any improper, irresponsible, illegal, or unsafe use of collars and/or ropes.

All premade items are not able to be customized. No refunds or returns on premade or clearance items. Be aware that clearance items are on clearance for a reason whether it's small dye mistake or loose thread. They are still durable and work the same! Consider them a happy accident for those not wanting to spend as much! :)