Adult Pacifier FAQS and Information

Adult Pacifiers are more than just a kink! Adult Pacifiers can serve many purposes from preventing snoring to soothing anxiety. This article will hopefully give some insight to some of the ins and outs of the uses and benefits of adult pacifiers.

Benefits of Adult Pacifiers beyond kink

1. Promotes Soothing and relaxation

As a baby we use bottles, pacifiers, our thumbs as soothing methods to drowned out the world and reduce tension until we are taught to self soothe. As adults we learn to self soothe but for some it may still be difficult and hence fidget toys and weighted blankets were created. Adult pacifiers are just another form of soothing and anxiety reducing for some.

2. Can Stop Snoring

Studies have shown that adult pacifiers can eliminate snoring all together. By using same method as swallowing. When the pacifier is in the mouth your tongue rests behind your teeth. When your tongue is no longer moving around creating vibration from the soft palate stopping the snoring sounds.

3. Can promote more playfulness and less stress

After being an adult all day long sometimes you need a break. Having an object like an adult pacifier can help you remember to bring out your younger self and destress after a long days work. Bring out the coloring book or cartoons and play a little.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What size are they?

Adult pacifiers come in many sizes. The most frequent standard size that you will see the shield is 2.95" x 1.75". Then the nipple is 2" long by 1.25" wide at the widest point. Which is considered a size 6. *All of Vixen's Hidden Desires pacifiers are this size*

Other sizes can be from the shield being 3.3" x 2.3" to 2.7" x 1.7". Then nipples range from 1.18" wide to 1.7" wide.

2. Do they have Latex?

There are many different types of nipples some are latex and some are silicone. *All Vixen's Hidden Desires pacifiers are silicone nipples.*


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