Are the rope items it waterproof?

Collars and ropes themselves are ok to get wet with the exception of front locking collars. The heart locks are not waterproof and will rust over time. Colored ropes with all dyed things will fade over time with excessive washing.

Can you make this in my size-rope collars, gags?

Yes!! All premade rope items can be made again in any size you wish. 

Can you make this in my size-leather collars?

No, unfortunately at this time all leather collars can't be resized.

Can you make me a custom image on pacifier?

Yes, however timing may vary from 1 week to a month to create. Custom ordered pacifiers will have an added cost as well.

Do you sell in bulk?

Yes, contact me for prices.

What size is the pacifier, nipple, item, product, etc.?

Please look at product photos and read descriptions for all product sizing and how to measure.