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Bat Halloween Ears Headband

Bat Halloween Ears Headband

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Unleash your feline-inspired charm with our Bat-Themed Kitten Animal Ears Headband - a bewitching accessory that merges the playful essence of kittens with the mysterious allure of bats! Perfect Halloween ears!

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this headband features a pair of adorable kitten ears with a bat-wing twist, blending the cuteness of a kitten with the enigmatic charm of bats. The design perfectly captures the essence of a moonlit adventure, adding a touch of magic to your look.

Homemade and airbrushed! No two are the same! Made to order. Each pair may vary slightly in color or pattern.

When you get it the first time, use air coolers and combs to shape them. Please don't blow with a hot air blower, it will hurt it. Not meant to get wet!

Material-- Faux Fur, Polyester

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